36 residential buildings damaged in Vinnitsa, explosions in the Kherson region: like the past day


36 residential buildings damaged in Vinnitsa, explosions in Kherson region: like the past day

How was the day in the regions/State Emergency Service

The enemy continues to terrorize the civilian population, mercilessly shelling houses, schools and other crowded places.

Up-to-date information on how the day went in region, the Office of the President said.

Where it was calm

The night passed relatively calmly in Volyn, Transcarpathia, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Vinnitsa, Zaporozhye, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil regions, Kirovograd region, Cherkasy region, Odessa region, Poltava region, Zhytomyr region and Kiev region.

What is the situation in other regions

The occupiers, having no achievements at the front, continue to terrorize the local population. Unfortunately, innocent people are suffering more and more from the actions of the Russian invaders.

Vinnitsa region

In Vinnitsa region, 36 residential buildings were damaged as a result of missiles hitting the city center, 17 of them quite seriously destroyed.

As of 6:00 a.m., 183 people applied to healthcare facilities, of which 110 people provided outpatient care. A total of 73 people were hospitalized, including 3 children.

It is now known that as a result of the attack on Vinnitsa:

  • 23 people died, including three children.< /li>
  • 18 people are considered missing.

Search work and rubble removal continue.

Chernihiv region

In the evening of July 14 the enemy from artillery shelled the territories near the settlements of Karpovichi and Mkhi (Novgorod-Seversky district). It suffered without casualties and destruction.

Sumy region

Over the past day, the enemy shelled 8 territorial communities of the Sumy region. In total, more than 40 enemy shots from various types of weapons were recorded. As a result, the following communities suffered:

  • Miropolskaya,
  • Yunakovskaya,
  • Esmanskaya,
  • Novoslobodskaya,
  • < li> Khotynskaya,

  • Shostkinskaya,
  • Krasnopolskaya,
  • Velikopisarevskaya.

And on the morning of July 15, the enemy fired mortars at the Shalygin community. Fortunately, there were no losses or destruction.

Dnepropetrovsk region

The enemy shelled three districts at once. In Nikopol because of the shelling from the “Gradov” fuel caught fire. The fire has already been put out. At the site of the shelling, specialists from the State Emergency Service found debris from Grads and phosphorus ammunition.

In the Krivoy Rog district, the park zone of the city of Zelenodolsk was again fired from barrel artillery. In Sinelnikovsky – a direct hit of a rocket on a school. Rescuers clear the rubble. Information about the dead and injured is being specified.

Occupiers got into a school in the Dnepropetrovsk region/Photo by Valentin Reznichenko

36 residential buildings damaged in Vinnitsa, explosions in the Kherson region: like the past day

36 residential buildings damaged in Vinnitsa, explosions in Kherson region: like the past day

36 residential buildings damaged in Vinnitsa, explosions in Kherson region: like the past day

Kharkiv region

At night, in the Kholodnogorsk region, the invaders hit, preliminary, with a rocket. The projectile hit an open area. Also at night, a school building in the Nemyshlyansky district was damaged as a result of the strike. There were no victims or injured.

The occupiers also fired on:

  • Chuguevsky district – in the village of Korobochkino, a shell hit a private house;
  • Kharkiv district – suffered territory of private household.

Lugansk region

On the front line, Russian troops continue to carry out artillery and rocket strikes, followed by assault attempts. Over the past day, at least one missile strike and airstrikes, in particular, on Verkhnekamenskoye.

The remains of civilian infrastructure suffered there and in Belogorovka. However, the enemy did not succeed in assault operations in both directions. Also recorded:

  • 3 attacks from cannon artillery,
  • 4 from mortars,
  • 1 from MLRS,
  • 5 from tanks.

Resistance to the occupying authorities and the military continues. So, in Severodonetsk on the central street of the city yesterday “unexpectedly” a car with invaders exploded. As a result, 6 wounded, of which 4 were seriously injured.

Donetsk region

At night and in the morning, shelling of Krasnogorovka, Marinka, Velyka Novoselka from the Grad MLRS was recorded. At 05:00, the enemy launched a missile attack on Konstantinovka. A residential 5-storey building was damaged, a person was injured. During the day – 3 people were killed, 7 injured. The region remains without gas and partially without water and electricity. The evacuation of the population continues.

Mykolaiv region

The enemy fired on Nikolaev since the morning of July 15. The invaders fired at least 10 rockets at the two largest universities in the city.

Mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich said that rescuers and emergency teams are already working on the ground.

This time, the rashists set up around Nikolaev at about 7:50 in the morning, knowing full well that it was at this time that there were already a lot of people on the streets. Real terrorists,” he stressed.

Pay attention! So far, two wounded are known.

During the day, shelling was recorded:

  • of the Galitsyn community,
  • of the Shevchenko community,
  • of the Shirokov and Bashtan communities.

< p> According to preliminary data, there are no dead. However, the fields and dry grass caught fire.

Shelling of villages along the line of demarcation continues in the Bereznegovat community. Information about the victims and damage is being specified.

Kherson region

All day long explosions were observed in the territory of Kherson region. The situation is tense in Nova Kakhovka, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to inflict well-aimed blows on enemy positions. A number of fires were observed during the day, fields were burning in the suburbs and in the Daryevskaya territorial community.

The situation is stably difficult in the villages that are located near Snegirevka, the Ingulets River and on the borders of the regions. In Genichesk, ill-treatment of the residents of the district is recorded. Information about the uncontrolled release of water from the Kakhovka reservoir to the North Crimean Canal is also confirmed.

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