4 ISIS militants killed in Iraq during special operation

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4 ISIS militants killed in Iraq during special operation

ISIS fighters were killed during an operation in the western province of Anbar.

Four Islamic State ( ISIS ) fighters were killed on Friday, March 17, during an operation in the western Iraqi province of Anbar.

It is reported by Xinhua.

According to intelligence reports, security forces destroyed a car used by ISIS fighters and seized another vehicle.

“ISIS fighters are still active in the vast Anbar Desert, which stretches to Iraq's borders with neighboring countries of Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. They are infiltrating Iraq from Syria across the almost 600-kilometer border, trying to regroup again,” the report says.

It is also reported that in recent months, Iraqi security forces have carried out operations to stop the intensification of extremist militants.

Recall that the United States announced an increase in its military activity in Syria against militants of the Islamic State terrorist group.

At the end of January 2023 , the US military killed one of the leaders of the ISIS global network, Bilal al-Sudani, in Somalia. According to US intelligence, al-Sudani coordinated the expansion of ISIS activities on the African continent. He also financed branches of this group around the world.

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