4 Russian missiles aimed at Odessa region self-destructed and fell into the sea


4 Russian missiles aimed at Odessa region self-destructed and fell into the sea

4 enemy missiles fell into the sea/Collage of Channel 24

< strong _ngcontent-sc88="">Russian invaders continue to attack Odessa region with enemy missiles. Today the enemy fired 4 missiles at the area – none of them reached their targets.

4 missiles fell into the sea and did not reach their targets

This was announced by the head of the Odessa military administration Sergei Bratchuk. According to him, “the situation in the region is completely under control”, but the threat of attacks is high.

High chance of enemy missile attacks. But not all “winged deaths”, and this is very good, reach the region – 4 of them self-destructed the day before, Bratchuk said.

Briefly about the situation in the Black Sea

Threat of missile strikes has not disappeared from the Black Sea. The enemy keeps ready carriers of cruise missiles “Caliber”, which at any moment can be released in Ukraine.

We are talking about 7 ships where cruise missiles are deployed. the Russian military can launch “Caliber” at any moment, which, in fact, they have been producing for more than four months.

The Russian military is targeting the Odessa region every day

  • Yesterday, on July 12, the invaders also tried to attack the Odessa region from the sea – fired 4 air-to-surface missiles of the X-31 type from Su-30 fighters. Fortunately, they didn't make it either.
  • On July 11, Russia fired 7 Kh-31 missiles from the Black Sea. One of them hit a private house in one of the coastal villages. The shock wave there damaged neighboring houses, trees and cars. The second rocket hit the port infrastructure facility, and the rest of the shells hit the agricultural land of the region. Fortunately, there were no casualties.
  • Earlier, Bratchuk explained that the occupiers were “feeling” the coastline, hitting precisely the civilian population. The enemy wants to physically and psychologically put pressure on our defense forces and civilians.
  • In addition, this is a clear signal from Russia that they will not unblock the ports.

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