$ 400 million for dead NBA star Kobe Bryant


$ 400 million for dead NBA star Kobe Bryant

$ 400 million for dead NBA star Kobe Bryant


It's been almost two years since NBA icon Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash. Now his widow is really cashing in.

Bryant's widow Vanessa is already worth around 600 million euros. Now the 39-year-old is scratching the billion mark. Because an investment by the failed basketball star is now striking, flushing 400 million dollars into the coffers of the Bryant widow.

Specifically, it is about the sports drinks manufacturer Bodyarmor. Bryant got into the company early, invested six million dollars and received a ten percent stake in the company.

Now the company is being sold for a profit. Coca Cola pays $ 5.6 billion. Of this, $ 400 million will now go to Bryant's family.

“You did it,” Vanessa Bryant wrote to her late husband on Instagram. “Always one step ahead. I'm proud of everything you've achieved. I wish you were here to celebrate,” added the 39-year-old. “You deserve all the credit, you continue to be great,” concluded Bryant.

Coca Cola itself also honored the NBA star, announcing the deal at 8:24 a.m. A tribute to Bryant, who raced number 8 and 24 in the best basketball league in the world. “Without Kobe Bryant, Bodyarmor would not have achieved what we did,” said founder Mike Repole.

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