50% of Irpin destroyed, it is impossible to return to it yet, – mayor


50 % of Irpen is destroyed, it’s impossible to return to it yet, – Mayor

50% of Irpen has been destroyed, it’s still impossible to turn around at the new one, – measures/”Radio Liberty”

Ukrainian defenders drove the Russian invaders out of Irpen. However, 50% of the city has been destroyed, so it is still impossible to return there.

The mayor of the city Alexander Markushin spoke about the situation in Irpen liberated from the invaders as of the morning of March 29 on the air of the national telethon.

Don't go back to Irpin yet

I want to ask everyone not to come back yet. It is still dangerous in the city – shots are heard, shelling with Grads is underway, – said Markushin.

He added that people will be told when it will be possible to return.

Currently, it continues evacuation of people from those territories that were captured by the invaders. “Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, we will take people out as much as possible. I ask you to leave the city and give us the opportunity to work,” the mayor added.

Markushin stressed that the city will bury those killed as a result of enemy attacks.

Approximately 50% of buildings in the city are damaged

The mayor also said that the scale of destruction of Irpin is great.

Approximately 50% cities, unfortunately, are destroyed. Critical infrastructure has been damaged,” the mayor explained.

He assured that everything damaged and destroyed by the enemy would be restored.

Recall, Irpin was liberated from the Russians on March 28.

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