500 killed daily: Reznikov on Russian losses near Bakhmut


500 killed daily: Reznikov on Russian losses near Bakhmut

The Russian occupation troops do not leave hopes to seize as many Ukrainian territories as possible and restore the “big offensive” in the Donbass. And since the terrorist country is frankly indifferent to its soldiers, they are dying at the front by the hundreds.

So, only near Bakhmut every day the Russian invaders lose 500 soldiers killed. Alexei Reznikov spoke about this in an interview with Western media.

The insane tactics of the invaders

And all this in order to capture a few meters of Ukrainian land. It is because of such actions of the invaders that their offensive in Ukraine is called not large-scale, but creeping. Reznikov also noted the insane tactics of the Russians – in order to achieve their goals, they send “waves of” Wagnerites “or former captives” against the Ukrainians.

For example, in Bakhmut. Twenty of them attack our positions and we kill them. After a while, twenty more come, and twenty more, in a continuous cycle,” he said.

Reznikov said that according to a Ukrainian general on the eastern front, because of this attempt at war, the invaders are losing 500 dead and 900 wounded near Bakhmut every day.

Bakhmut is a strong point

In an interview, Alexey Reznikov also emphasized that Bakhmut is a stronghold today. It remains one of the hottest points of the front.

Bakhmut is a stronghold, a point on the front line, which we defend in order to destroy it and reduce the enemy’s offensive capabilities,” the Minister of Defense of Ukraine said.

According to Sergei Cherevaty, a representative of the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the conquest of Bakhmut became a matter of principle for the Russians. According to him, this city is a symbol of incredible Ukrainian courage and at the same time the inability of the Russian army to show great strategic achievements.

What is happening in the Bakhmut direction

  • On the evening of February 26, the General Staff reported that the invaders had carried out several unsuccessful offensive attacks in the Bakhmut direction. Because of this, areas of more than 15 settlements were subjected to shelling.
  • The border guards, in close combat, liquidated the assault group of Russians near Bakhmut. In battle, they eliminated 9 invaders, and 5 were “sent to hospitals.”
  • On February 23, military expert Oleg Zhdanov said that the most brutal battles were taking place in the eastern part of Bakhmut. To the south and north of the city the situation is under control.

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