55 countries, even the most remote ones: who fight for Ukraine in the International Legion


55 countries, even the most distant ones: who are fighting for Ukraine in the International Legion

The Speaker of the International Legion told which of the foreigners are fighting on the side of Ukraine/Collage of Channel 24

There are 110 days of the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Russian invaders. Many representatives of various countries from all over the world are also fighting on the side of Ukraine.

Damien Magru, speaker of the International Legion, spoke about the peculiarities of the composition and financing of the International Legion at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine on June 13. Channel 24 broadcasts the details.

Which of the foreigners are fighting together with the Ukrainians against Russia

According to Damien Magru, as part of the International Legion they rebuff the Russian representatives of 55 citizenships and countries of the world, including the most remote ones.

We have representatives from all parts of the world, all continents. In particular, and such distant countries as Brazil, South Korea and Australia, – said the representative of the International Legion.

At the same time, he noted that most legionnaires are among Americans and British > , after them by number – Poles and Canadians. At the same time, Magru stressed that among the citizens of Canada in the personnel of the military formation there are many volunteers with Ukrainian roots.

Among other nationalities, where many representatives are from the Baltic countries and northern states , in particular Finland, – added the speaker of the legion of foreigners.

By the way, Damien Magru stressed that there is a strict policy on the number of fighters in the International Legion, so he cannot comment on the exact figure.

< h3> Financing the International Legion

As the representative of the military unit of foreigners explained, the International Legion is part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, therefore is funded in the same way as the entire Ukrainian army.

All living expenses, wages of foreign fighters , weapons and ammunition financed by Ukraine. In addition, additional funds are attracted by fundraisers, primarily representatives of Western countries.

We spend this money that we collect on various platforms exclusively on equipment for our fighters, which is not included in the standard military cat issued by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For things that are needed on the battlefield but are not funded by Ukraine,” Magru explained.

“Therefore, we are raising money, in particular, to finance the purchase of, say, “accessories” for weapons

strong> . This is often what is needed – optics, reddots, etc. This is our main position for spending. But in general, we are funded by the APU,” said the representative of the International. legion.

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