6G radiation absorbers created

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6G radiation absorbers created

Scientists were able to accelerate the synthesis of nanomagnets from the rare material epsilon iron oxide. This material is capable of absorbing radiation in the range that will be used for 6G.

Briefly about the work of scientists tells “N + 1”. Scientists can create magnets with “ideal” properties, knowing what arrangement of atoms is needed for this. However, there are such arrangements of atoms that are not stable. This is the difficulty of working with some materials.

There is epsilon iron oxide, which is capable of record-breaking magnetization reversal resistance. But he is unstable. To get it, you need to apply a method that takes up to several weeks.

Scientists were able to speed up this process by about 240 times. In addition, they were able to precisely set the diameter of the nanoparticles, which means regulate their properties. Size, in particular, affects how the material absorbs millimeter radiation.

The researchers hope their technology will be applied to 6G equipment.

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