8 out of 100 left: Ukrainian military defeated a company of mobilized Russians in two days


Out of 100, 8 remained: Ukrainian military defeated a company of mobilized Russians in two days

Since the announcement of “partial” mobilization by Putin, several thousand “Chmobiks” have already died in Russia. Most of them died due to the lack of training and the attitude of the command towards them as “cannon fodder”.

According to channel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services, the first partially the mobilized “over two hundred” in the Kherson region already on September 23 – two days after the start of forced recruitment into the army. After that, every day the number of dead “chmobiks” grew exponentially.

The more the Russian command transferred those mobilized to the hottest sectors of the front, the more “fresh” Muscovites were sent to Kobzon's concert. they forgot about the “chmobs”

  • However, despite the understandable trend, the aggressive leaders did not try to rectify the situation. Putin and his entourage made a firm decision – to fight to the last Russian while representatives of Russian society silently go to the military registration and enlistment offices.
  • Therefore, the attitude towards the mobilized as second-class people on the part of the commanders and the state itself has only strengthened. Especially when the officers realized that the average life of a “chmobik” in the war is only a few days.
  • After death, the Horde becomes a problem not for direct command, but for the leadership of military units and military commissars. However, after 8 months of a full-scale war, the rear colonels have already learned to send the relatives of the dead to hell.
  • Directly low-level officers at the front do not want to deal with the mobilized.No one considers it expedient to pay any attention to their training or improvement of living conditions on the front line – they will die any day anyway.
  • The “chmobiks” themselves, apparently, for the most part do not understand that they can at least try to protect their lives. Far from everyone considers options for surrender, and they are afraid to drop their weapons and run away, because they will shoot their own people. Therefore, the Russians, who, at the direction of Putin, were pulled out of their sofas and sent to be slaughtered, do what they know how best – they endure everything in silence.

A vivid example of this is the situation that occurred in the Kherson region. To strengthen the defense of the right bank, the command sent a company of 100 mobilized to one of the sectors. All of them received calls to the military registration and enlistment offices on September 23, and already on September 25 they ended up in Ukraine.The next day, upon arrival in Crimea, they were taken directly to the front line, where they were told to “keep every meter of land.” But at the same time they left 50 dry rations, a small supply of water and 3 magazines with cartridges for each. The “Chmobiks” were promised that everything they needed would be brought in the near future, but this, of course, did not happen.

Already in the first hours after arriving at the front, the unit suffered losses: five men were killed projectile, and three more were wounded. They had no connection with the command, so no one came to evacuate the injured. They were dying for several days.

On September 27, out of 100 “chmobiks”, only 40 remained alive, and on September 28, the number of invaders was reduced to 8. They fled to the nearest forest belts and hid in the “gray zone” for a long time – without water, food and communications.

Support did not come, no reinforcements were sent

In some places the invaders made sorties to their place of deployment, because they expected someone to come to rescue them. Or at least bring groceries. However, they were “forgotten”. The Russian commanders could not help but know what happened to the company, because their drone was constantly flying over the survivors. However, no one was sent to help the invaders. Most likely, the officers simply considered that for the sake of a few mobilized there was no point in wasting precious fuel.

Therefore, after almost 10 days of wandering and waiting for rescue, the “chmobiks” decided to go towards the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to surrender taken prisoner.Now they will be fed three times a day, kept in human conditions and sent home as soon as Russia agrees to exchange “chmobiks” for captured Ukrainians.

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