80% of Apple AirPods headphones in Russia turned out to be fakes

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80% of Apple AirPods headphones in Russia turned out to be fakes

The DamProdam service has examined more than 1000 AirPods and found that 80% of them are fake.

The authors of the study said that fake headphones can be bought for three thousand rubles apiece, and then resold them at the official cost of Apple – from 17 thousand rubles. The margin between fake and original is almost 600%. According to DamProdam specialists, only a few units will be able to distinguish original AirPods from fake ones.

It is reported that when you connect non-original headphones to the iPhone, nothing unusual will happen. The serial number also does not guarantee that the AirPods are not fake. The differences are only in the sound quality and the operation of the noise reduction system, but only experienced users can notice them.

The authors clarified that it is impossible to give exact figures for the volume of sales of AirPods in Russia. The fact is that headphones under this brand are not only official resellers, but also small stores.

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