A batch of hashish with a portrait of Putin was found in Libya

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A batch of hashish briquettes with the image of Russian President Putin was seized in El Marja

В Ливии нашли партию гашиша с портретом Путина

Photo: Reuters

In the Libyan city of El Marj, a batch of hashish briquettes with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin was seized. This is reported by The Libya Observer.

The Main Department of Criminal Investigations of the city clarified that a local resident found a batch of narcotic substances on the seashore. A total of 323 briquettes with the image of the Russian leader were found. In the photos posted on the packages, Putin is dressed in a classic suit with a black tie.

It is reported that a few days earlier, local residents found a batch of drugs covered with a film with the image of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Presumably, the packages with drugs on the seashore are the remains of a contraband party that was tried to drown.

Earlier, a boatman found 30 kilograms of cocaine on the beach of one of the islands of the Florida Keys archipelago in Florida. A package of cocaine weighing about 30 kilograms floated in the ocean near the shore. The cost of the drug contained in it is about a million dollars (74 million rubles).

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