A bunker apartment is being built in Kharkov: what the shelter will look like


A bunker apartment is being built in Kharkiv: what the shelter will look like

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, Kharkiv has been systematically suffering from enemy shelling. Residents of Kharkov have developed a project of not only a reliable, but also a cozy shelter.

The original bunkers are being developed as part of the Skhov project. This initiative was started by one of the Kharkiv enterprises, Channel 24 informs.

The developers are working on a shelter, which is actually a full-fledged apartment. Such an idea came to the employees of the enterprise after they themselves had to be in shelters in March-February 2022.

A bunker suitable for a long stay is being built in Kharkov< /h2>

Director of the enterprise Timur Fayzulaev, together with his daughter, were hiding from shelling in the basement of their own house. According to him, it is absolutely impossible to stay in most Kharkiv shelters for a long time.

It is damp, cold and nothing is suitable for staying more than 3 hours, – said Fayzulaev.

Earlier, Faizulayev's enterprise produced metal structures for the construction of private houses, cafes and hangars. However, adapting to the realities of wartime, Kharkiv manufacturers decided to create an underground bunker apartment.

As Alexander Chirva, co-founder of the Schov project, noted, this idea is not at all new.

“During the Cold War, the United States began mass production of such bunkers – metal premises that are buried underground. And this is in the United States, where there has never been a war,” Chirva noted.

The underground bunker apartment will have a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom

The basis of such a shelter is a reliable metal construction. Parameters of such an underground bunker:

  • length – 7.5 meters,
  • width – 2.7 meters,
  • height – 3.2 meters.

According to the project, such a shelter inside will be equipped as a full-fledged apartment. The bunker will have a bedroom, a kitchen and even a bathroom with a toilet. Moreover, the premises will be fully furnished.

Kharkiv residents are working on the project of an apartment-shelter/Photo from the Facebook of the “Shov” project

The communication system allows you to stay in the bunker for about a week

The bunker is connected to the water supply network, sewerage, power grid and is equipped with a ventilation system. As Aleksey Suslin, co-founder of the Schov project, said, most of the communications will be “wired” under the floor of the shelter apartment. we make distribution of the electric network. Then we sew up and make hatches so that in the bedroom and in the kitchen there is access to the space under the floor for storing things, – said Suslin.

Also, according to him, the bunker apartment will have a refrigerator and a freezer. The developers claim that one can stay autonomously in such a shelter for a week.

The developers have turned the bunker into a full-fledged housing/Photo from the Facebook project “Shov”

Shelter will protect against large-caliber artillery shells

As Kharkiv entrepreneurs noted, the pilot project of the bunker apartment is being produced at a special factory in Kharkov. After completing the bunker and testing life support systems, such a shelter can be mounted underground in a special pit.

As the director of the enterprise Timur Faizulaev noted, such a shelter apartment can be placed at a depth of 2 to 8 meters.

This is the distance from the minimum and maximum hit of the weapon. The bunker protects against a direct hit by heavy artillery with a caliber of 152 mm, Faizulaev said.

You can go down to the bunker with the help of a ladder. In total, the shelter has 2 exits. The emergency exit is located on the roof of the bedroom.

The developers offer different options for comfortable shelters.

As entrepreneurs note, they started with the most difficult project – with furniture and a complete life support system. However, according to Alexander Chirva, co-founder of the Schov project, other options can be developed if necessary.

“If there are requests from educational, medical institutions or private enterprises to shelter clients or staff, then we will offer simpler options. For example, without furniture, only with ventilation and benches,” Chirva said.

Please note Attention! According to the developers, the cost of the bunker starts from 2 million 450 thousand hryvnia. Russian invaders do not stop shelling the Kharkiv region. The Kupyansky district suffers greatly. In particular, in Volchansk the occupiers got into an educational institution. There was a fire on the roof, which was eliminated by the State Emergency Service.

  • On January 14, Russian invaders launched a massive attack on Ukraine. In Kharkiv, the occupiers hit critical infrastructure facilities
  • On the evening of June 10, the occupiers fired on Kharkiv and got into pyrotechnic products. There was a huge fire there. As Oleg Sinegubov, the head of the Kharkiv OVA, said, the shelling was carried out, preliminary, from the Smerch MLRS.
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