A computer similar to the human brain has been created

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A computer similar to the human brain has been created

Scientists at Northwestern University Chicago and the University of Hong Kong have developed a computer that, in some aspects of its work, is similar to the human brain. He is capable of associative learning.

The computer is based on electrochemical transistors with artificial synapses. These components can store and process data simultaneously, like neurons in the brain. The new computer will be able to better cope with tasks such as object recognition.

Curiously, scientists were able to change the nature of the interaction of transistors with each other by adjusting the power of the ion flow. If an operation is repeated many times, the transistors are bound together more strongly. This is similar to the foundation of associative learning.

Researchers have even been able to recreate the conditioned reflex development on transistors. At first, the computer issued a signal if the pressure sensor was pressed with a finger. Then, together with pressing, they began to supply light to the photoresistor. As a result, the computer began to respond with a signal only to light without affecting the pressure sensor.

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