A country that rewrites the history of war: Ukrainian soldiers do what seemed impossible


A country that rewrites the history of war: Ukrainian warriors do what seemed impossible

APU incredible/OPK

When the Russian-Ukrainian war ends, examples of the heroism of the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Troop will be written into military textbooks. For 42 full days of hostilities, the defenders of Ukraine have done many things that seemed impossible to everyone.

Many books will definitely be written about the work of the ghost of Kyiv, the fighters of the Special Operations Forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate, as well as other units. Films will be made about the heroism of the defenders of Kyiv, Mariupol and Chernigov, civilians of Energodar and Kherson, Slavutych and in general all the cities where pro-Ukrainian rallies took place.

The struggle for the existence of Ukraine against a cunning and well-armed enemy is incredible, since even the countries of the West believed that Russia would be able to break the resistance in a few days. However, for almost a month and a half, the invaders could not get anything that could be called a victory. But for our state, every day of successful opposition to the aggressor could already be considered an achievement. But Ukraine will not only continue to resist, but will definitely defeat the rashists.

Americans are shocked by how the Ukrainians are fighting

The way the General Staff planned the conduct of hostilities, as well as how the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Troops, the National Guard and other units involved in countering the aggressor causes an extraordinary reaction from the Western partners of Ukraine.

Military experts, generals and everyone who understands the situation see that the Ukrainian defenders over and over again incredibly surprise absolutely everyone. Since the Armed Forces of Ukraine not only use the available weapons super-efficiently, but also very coolly use them for other purposes. And this not only causes considerable confusion in the camp of the enemy, but also pleasantly shocks experienced American generals.

Attack on the Russian airfield

The first action that the Ukrainian command surprised the whole world with was a strike on the Russian airfield Millerovo. On February 25, “Point U” flew into the territory of the aggressor, which destroyed at least several terrorist planes. Since that moment, in fact, Ukraine has become the only country that was not afraid to hit Russian military targets.

A country that rewrites the history of the war: Ukrainian soldiers do what seemed impossible

Greetings from Ukraine/Photo by MilitaryAviation

A strike on a ship from “Grads”

On the night of March 6-7, the newest Russian patrol ship “Vasily Bykov” sank in the Black Sea. The very fact of striking the Russian naval forces is already very cool, but the question is how exactly the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the invaders – with the help of the Grad MLRS. Nobody in this world has ever done this!

The Ukrainian military spent several days luring the ship into the system's coverage area, after which they dealt it a crushing blow. With the virtual absence at that time of effective anti-ship systems and missiles, such actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be considered incredible. In addition, after the sinking of the Vasily Bykov, the enemies realized that they would never be able to feel safe in the sea near Ukrainian beaches.

Destruction of a large landing ship in the deep “rear” enemy

On March 24, when exactly one month had passed since the beginning of the war, the General Staff again decided to surprise the world and let the invaders know that they would not be safe anywhere. In the port of Berdyansk, which the enemies brazenly began to use as their base, a small miracle happened. “Point U” flew right into the pride of the Russian fleet – the large landing ship “Saratov”.

The ship with a large number of armored vehicles sank, and neighboring ships began to go to sea in a panic, not even trying to save the crew of the wrecked ship.

Panic in Belgorod

Explosions in Belgorod serve as no less, but even greater slap in the face for the Russians. On the night of March 29, warehouses with shells suddenly took over the city. The Ukrainian side did not confirm or deny its involvement in this event, but for the first time in this war, the world was able to observe the conduct of an information-psychological special operation of such a scale. Ukrainians in social networks began to shake the Russian psyche and hint that not a single inhabitant of a Russian city could feel safe from now on. However, this was only the beginning.

On the morning of April 1, two supposedly Russian helicopters attacked the oil depot from an ultra-low altitude. Numerous witnesses filmed the very moment of the attack on a military facility, as well as the explosions of 8 tanks with a huge amount of fuel. Most likely, the Russians carried out this operation precisely to accuse Ukraine and to gather volunteers for the war. However, this attack slowed down the transfer of Russian equipment to the Kharkiv region and Donbass, and also caused great chaos among the Russians.

Thousands of residents of Belgorod began to resent the fact that Russia is defenseless against Ukraine, that the air defense of the Russian Federation cannot oppose anything even to our helicopters, although “the Kremlin army destroyed all the aviation of Ukraine in the first days of the special operation.”


In addition, this strike led to the introduction of a state of emergency in the neighboring Kursk region, as well as to the fact that the Russians began to leave the border zone en masse. They realized that the war they unleashed was nearby and could well come to them.

The consequences of the explosions and panic in Belgorod can be considered the fact that trenches and trenches began to be dug in the city, as well as preparations for hostilities already on the territory of Russia.

Shooting down a helicopter from an anti-tank complex

Absolutely incredible is the fact that the domestically produced ATGM “Stugna-P” is used as a means of destroying aircraft. Of course, in the technical characteristics of the complex, the developer of the Luch Design Bureau indicated that the missile could shoot down hovering helicopters, but there has never been such a practical use of the Stugna. It is very difficult to imagine that, for example, American troops would use the Javelin precisely as an anti-aircraft gun, although such a possibility is also provided for by American designers.

If we take into account all 8 years of the war against Russia, then the list of extraordinary heroic and successful special operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should include the legendary raid of the 95th brigade, during which about 470 kilometers were covered. More than a third of this distance – 170 kilometers – the soldiers of the DShV passed deep behind enemy lines. During this operation, the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine set a world record for the range of a successful raid.

Therefore, our army, which occupies only 19th place in the world ranking, not only successfully counteracts Russia with its fifth stage, but also shows incredible results which would seem impossible to everyone. Our army is absolutely the strongest in Europe, and the further life of the whole world depends on the professionalism of the command, the defense forces of Ukraine and the incredible motivation of our soldiers.

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