A data center could be built on the moon

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A data center could be built on the moon

The Italian Space Agency (ASI) has asked Thales Alenia Space to develop a concept for a data center on the moon. It may appear there before the end of the decade.

ASI operates in the framework of the American NASA Artemis program to return a man to the moon. Thales Alenia Space should work out 16 conceptual systems to support human life on a satellite of the Earth.

In particular, specialists will have to design the appearance of lunar rovers, orbital platforms, housing modules and a data center. It will be useful there so that the future human settlement can use computing resources to maintain the operation of various systems and installations. The use of ground data centers is hampered by signal transmission delays.

It is reported that the Artemis program is also planning to create a 4G network on the Moon.

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