A device for automatic detection of oncological diseases has been created in Russia

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A device for automatic detection of oncological diseases has been created in Russia

Scientists of the Perm Polytechnic Institute have created a device for the automatic detection of oncological diseases. The accuracy reaches 92%.

To search for changes in cells that could indicate oncopathology, histological analysis is used. Now this process is quite lengthy. The development of scientists automates the procedure for histological analysis. By eliminating the human factor, the accuracy of the analysis is increased.

You must first load samples of material into the machine and then scan them. After that, computer algorithms process the resulting image. There are also changes in cells.

Scientists have already conducted experiments to recognize cellular pathologies. The results of the work of the system were assessed by a laboratory assistant-histologist. In the future, researchers want to create a “robot histology”. It will load samples of the material into the machine and get the results. Now a prototype of the device is being created.

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