A different approach: a military expert named the main advantage of Western aircraft over Soviet ones


A different approach: a military expert called the main advantage of Western aircraft over Soviet ones

While Ukraine is preparing to receive Western-made tanks and training the military, the need to supply aircraft is back on the agenda. Ukraine is an operator of Soviet aircraft, but in the future it will upgrade its fleet to Western models.

About this Channel 24said military expert Yigal Levin. According to him, Western technology is always better than Soviet technology, because developed countries use a different approach to designing and manufacturing weapons.

What are the advantages of Western aircraft

The military expert is convinced that Western technology is “head and shoulders above” than the Soviet one. This applies to both tanks and aircraft. Even if we compare current generations.

Fourth generation planes are better than fourth generation Soviet planes, just like tanks are better too. This applies to everything in general, these approaches were completely different,” Levin said.

He argues that the production of Soviet weapons was focused on simplicity and mass production, while the weapons of Western countries need a more competent user.

Yigal Levin spoke about the advantages of Western aircraft: watch the video

Western weapons are also better produced and have higher requirements.

“Therefore, these aircraft are better, plus these aircraft are constantly being updated, their new modifications are being obtained,” said Yigal Levin.

He explained that these aircraft can use a variety of weapons, which are also constantly being improved.

When Ukraine receives Western models of aircraft, and the aircraft itself will be important, and it will also be important that it will be a platform where it will be possible to hang the nomenclature of any long-range, smart, non-smart missiles, air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles,” Yigal said. Levin.

The military expert is convinced that Ukraine will receive aircraft not by units, but by dozens at once, because everything is considered to be a squadron, which includes 12-14 aircraft.

According to Levin , two squadrons will be able to perform certain tasks in the air and this will be enough so that immediately after hitting targets, the next pair of aircraft will be next in line, which will continue to hit targets.

In addition, during the training of pilots, they will train several crews for one aircraft, so that if something happens, there will be a replacement.

In the future, when Ukraine replaces the fleet, it must have at least a hundred aircraft and a sufficient number of crews and technical personnel, because Western aircraft do not look like either MIGs or SUs, which are used by the air forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Will Ukraine get American fighters

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  • After tanks were promised to Ukraine, the question immediately arose of covering them from the sky during the Ukrainian counteroffensive.
  • It was expected that the decision on the supply of aircraft would be made immediately with decisions on tanks, but this decision was slightly distracted.
  • Negotiations are currently ongoing on the supply of aircraft to Ukraine and the training of Ukrainian crews. The possibility of helping Ukraine with aviation has already been announced in Poland, the Netherlands, and the United States has stated that it is not against the supply of F-16s from the allies, but final decisions have not yet been made.
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