A draft law on the transparency of defense purchases was submitted to the Rada amid a scandal


Draft Law on Defense Procurement Transparency Amid Scandal Submitted to Rada

< p _ngcontent-sc181="" class="news-annotation">A scandal erupted in Ukraine around defense procurement of products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Against this background, a new bill was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada.

The draft law on amending the introduction of transparency in defense procurement was published on the official portal of the Parliament. Channel 24 is informed about this.

What does the submitted bill suggest

According to the published text of the bill and the explanatory note, the initiators ask make the following changes:

  • exclude simplified selection without the use of an electronic procurement system;
  • implementation of defense purchases for the period of the legal regime of martial law must comply with the following principles for the implementation of defense purchases: timeliness and compliance with the decisions taken to protect the national interests of Ukraine, meeting the needs of security and defense, competitiveness, efficiency in the use of funds, effectiveness; openness and transparency (except for information constituting a state secret and the disclosure of which may harm national security);
  • implementation by the state customer (state customer service) of defense procurement without using the electronic procurement system, provided that the cost of the subject of procurement for defense goods and services, other goods and services for guaranteed security and defense needs is equal to or exceeds UAH 200,000, for works for defense purposes and work on guaranteed security and defense needs – UAH 1.5 million, the state customer (state customer service) publishes a report in the electronic procurement system.

Pay attention! The full text of the bill can be found at this link.

Briefly, what you need to know about the scandal in the Ministry of Defense

  • Recently, Zerkalo Nedeli published a copy of a UAH 13.16 billion deal concluded on December 23 by the Ministry of Defense for catering services in 2023 for several military units.
  • Journalists compared prices with those in the chain stores ” Silpo” in a residential area of ​​Kyiv. Prices for the most popular products purchased by the Ministry of Defense allegedly turned out to be 2-3 times too high.
  • The Ministry of Defense reported that they were conducting an internal audit. The agency is also preparing materials for the SBU with the aim of conducting an investigation into the dissemination of knowingly false information that harms the interests of defense in a special period.
  • NABU and SAPO are investigating possible abuses in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and have opened criminal proceedings.
  • Aleksey Reznikov has already reacted to the investigation published by the media. The Minister of Defense said that the scandal with the purchase of products for the military is artificial. Aleksey Reznikov is also sure that this is an information attack against the department.
  • On January 24, it became known that Reznikov's deputy Vyacheslav Shapovalov resigned. It was he who was responsible for the logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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