A Frenchman rammed a barrier at a checkpoint in Poland because he “wanted to get into Russia” (video)

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A Frenchman rammed a barrier at a checkpoint in Poland because he

The Frenchman told the border guards that should get to Russia, because it is there that he plans his future life.

A French citizen wanted to get to Russia, so he rammed a barrier at a checkpoint in Poland, after which was detained and fined.

This is reported by the press service of the Polish border guard.

It is reported that the 36-year-old French citizen arrived at 8:00 am on May 2 for registration at the checkpoint in the village of Grzehotki, located on the border with the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation. However, he did not have documents allowing him to cross the border. Tom's border guards did not let him out of Poland.

On the same day, but already at 15.00, the man returned to the checkpoint again. This time, the man decided not to stop to pass the control, but to break through the border at speed.

The Frenchman's car rammed the barrier, but then he saw that the border guard was deploying a spike strip to stop the car, so he stopped himself.

The man was detained. In his car, they found 11 units of hunting cartridges, for which he had a permit in France, but had no right to import to Poland.

“He told the border guards that he had to get to Russia, because that is where he plans his later life,” the message reads.

As a result, the Frenchman received a 500 złoty (109 euro) fine for trying to illegally cross the border and for illegally importing hunting cartridges into Poland.

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