A Fund was created for Ukraine to restore the destroyed energy infrastructure


For of Ukraine created a Fund to restore the destroyed energy infrastructure

Created a Fund to restore the destroyed energy infrastructure/Getty Images

The community decided to create the Ukraine Energy Support Fund. Its goal is to restore the destroyed energy infrastructure.

The Fund's donors will be mainly EU member states, as well as international companies and corporations. This was announced on April 6.

The consolidated funds will be used to restore the energy infrastructure damaged or destroyed as a result of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, initiated by Russian military aggression, the message says. .

According to preliminary agreements, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine will coordinate the requests of Ukrainian companies in need of renewable work.

Suppliers will be selected by international purchasing agencies with experience in the field of energy. Preference in purchases will be given to Ukrainian producers.

“I am very grateful to our partners from the Energy Community for their clear position in supporting Ukraine and the creation of such a Fund,” Minister of Energy German Galushchenko emphasized.

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