A girl from Rivne sang a scandalous song and posted it on TikTok: the SBU has already found her


A girl from Rivne sang a scandalous song and posted it on TikTok: the SBU has already found her< /p>

A girl from the Rivne region posted a video to the Russian scandalous track online. After that, a video appeared where she asks for forgiveness.

The girl posted a video on TikTok in which she and, probably, a friend, dance to a Russian song with the words: “We shoot at x*trash. P*ares dill, substitute f*cks”, transmits Channel 24.

The girl was detained by the SBU

After that, the SBU officers found the girl and had a conversation with her. A video appeared on the network where she apologizes for the published video.

“I did not realize that this sound recording could offend the honor and dignity of the citizens of Ukraine, our military personnel who protect us,” she said.< /p>

Then she said that she condemns the Russian aggression and condemns the aggression and all the criminal actions of the terrorist country. The girl also added that she realized her guilt.

The scandalous video of a girl from the Rivne region: watch the video

Another online scandal

Recently, a blogger with the nickname shesvaleriia on TikTok justified the Russians. In particular, she said that it was not so easy to overthrow the Russian authorities, and that “ordinary people” seemed to be not to blame for anything. At the same time, the blogger cynically stated that Ukrainians are “turning into animals.”

Shesvaleriia posted a video on her TikTok with sheets of paper in her hands. They had absurd inscriptions on them. In particular:

  • “I am Ukrainian and I see that my people are turning into animals”,
  • “Screaming that the Russians should come out to protest, think for yourself: would Are you protesting, risking your own life?A family is waiting at home, and you will return either with beaten kidneys, or raped in the station, or maybe you will not return at all”,
  • “wishing death to ordinary people, than you are better than them” ,
  • “it's not easy to overthrow the current government, as it seems”,
  • “no one wants to go to die in the war … there is no choice. Not everyone has the opportunity to leave” and others.

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