A good gun with the ability to move on the ground: the Armed Forces of Ukraine received the French AFV AMX-10 RC


A good gun with the ability to move on the ground: the Armed Forces of Ukraine received the French AFV AMX-10 RC

The other day it became known that Ukraine received a French armored fighting vehicle AMX-10 RC. This is the so-called wheeled tank, which is suitable for a limited range of tasks.

Anton Pavlushko, a journalist from the InformNapalm community, told Channel 24 about this. He stressed that now is the time when the promised equipment of the Western allies will come to the Ukrainian front.

Pavlushko noted that the decision to transfer AFVs to France was made at the beginning of January, and now they are talking about the beginning of the arrival of equipment to the front. So, between the decision and delivery takes 2 – 3 months.

It is very good that, finally, we see that what was taken as a decision at the previous 2 – 3 Ramsteins, is finally starting to appear at the front. The best thing about this news is that we were promised that it is already starting to join the army and will soon be at the front, – the speaker added.

Features AMX-10 RC

The journalist said that the AMX-10 RC is called a wheeled tank, it has light armor, can withstand, for example, a pickup truck on which an anti-aircraft gun will stand, but it has no chance in one-on-one tank competitions.

However, this is a very good 105mm gun on wheels. It was made for Africa, for dirt roads, it will work very well on them. – stressed the journalist.

How the BBM will work on the black soil can be seen later. Pavlushko suggested that they could be used in certain sectors of the front, where this technique would be most effective, or put in reserve, for example, in the Belarusian direction.

“However, this is not a game changer that will change everything at the front. No, it's just another type of weapon that will come to the Ukrainian army and sooner or later it will be used. In principle, it is clear that the war will continue for a long time at the front AMX-10 RC will show themselves yet,” Pavlushko summed up.

Pavlushko explained how to use AMX-10: watch video

Military assistance to Ukraine from the allies: the latest

  • Slovakia transfers to Ukraine anti-aircraft missile systems “Kub” of Soviet production “Kub” can shoot down air targets flying at a speed of 420 – 600 meters per second.
  • Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Geger confirmed that the Slovak government has approved the dispatch of 13 MiG-29s to Ukraine.
  • Denmark provides Ukraine with a 140 million euro military aid package. It will include weapons requested by Ukraine: ammunition for small arms and machine guns, anti-tank mines, missiles for air defense.

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