A good sign, – Zhdanov explained why Russia puts “Shells” on the roofs of administrative buildings


Good sign, – Zhdanov explained why Russia puts Pantsirs on the roofs of administrative buildings

The Russians are aware that the defeat of military facilities on the territory of their country is quite possible. They have already begun to prepare for this by installing protection systems on the roofs of administrative buildings.

This means that the myth of the insurmountable Russian air defense that existed before the explosions at the Engels airfield has been finally destroyed. Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told Channel 24 about this.

Explosions in Moscow will be a disaster for the Kremlin

On the eve of Russia decided to collect the Buk, Tor (medium-range) and S-400 (long-range) air defense systems in the Moscow region.

Now we are witnessing the last step – short-range air defense systems. That is, Moscow is building a defense in depth in depth from scratch. This means that they believe that planes from another country may well appear in the Moscow sky,” says Zhdanov.

Basically, such a system is designed to counter drones and aircraft. We are not talking about missiles.

“Something flew into Engels. Perhaps tomorrow something will also fly into the FSB building on Lubyanka. Even into the Kremlin itself,” says Zhdanov.

Today, Russia has officially recognized the complete absence of a stationary air defense system in the country. They assume that some aircraft may reach Moscow.

This is a very good sign. They do not count on the final victory in this war tomorrow,” the military expert emphasizes.

According to Zhdanov, the defeat of military facilities in Moscow and its environs could lead to a social explosion in Russia. These people have a cult of the army and the belief that it is invincible is very powerful. The Russians still cannot come to terms with the fact that they left the Kyiv region and left Kherson. There are remarks criticizing the leadership of the aggressor state.

“If something is torn in Moscow, it will be a disaster for the political leadership of Russia. And it, by the way, will affect the domestic political situation in the country,” – summed up Zhdanov.

Moscow is hysterically installing air defense on the roofs – Zhdanov's reaction: watch the video

What happened

    < li> It is obvious that in Moscow undertook to strengthen air defense. So, on the roof of one of the administrative buildings of the capital, a self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system “Pantsir-S1” appeared.
  • Screens appeared on Telegram channels, where you can see that the air defense system was placed on the building of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Other videos show how people in military uniforms are using a crane to pull Russian equipment onto the roof.
  • By the way, the building of the Russian Ministry of Defense is located approximately 2 kilometers from the Kremlin.

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