A group of Republicans demands to reduce US aid to Ukraine: what is the reason for this


Republican Group Demands U.S. Aid Cuts for Ukraine: What It's About

The United States has serious social and political support for Ukraine in its opposition to Russian aggression. At the same time, scandalous statements about problems with help to Kyiv are part of the information campaign before the elections.

Today, there is no reason to believe that US policy towards Ukraine can change. Ramis Yunus, an American political scientist, told Channel 24 about this.

Elections affect rhetoric

The expert noted that the threat of reducing American aid to Ukraine is not as dramatic, “as it is presented by the media that love” flashy headlines.

“They do it in order to gather the largest possible audience and attention. In reality, today the elections in the USA have entered the homestretch, less than a month is left for these midterm elections to take place. And therefore, we will hear a huge number of different conflicting statements: both on the domestic political situation, and on the foreign political situation,” the observer explained.

According to him, the United States is a huge country of emigrants, therefore political forces are very it is important to get the votes of all voters and reach the finish line “with a good result”.

This is the main reason for such statements today. After the end of the election campaign, this will stop, as is usually the case in midterm and presidential elections. Half of what is said and promised is forgotten, and then congressmen and senators begin to proceed from the situation in politics, based on the national interests of the United States . – the analyst added.

In his opinion, this is especially true for foreign policy risks, threats and catastrophes on a planetary scale, what is Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

Why the Republicans demand to cut aid to Ukraine: watch the video

What kind of support for Ukraine in the USA

The political scientist pointed out that, despite all the scandalous statements, Ukraine has bipartisan support in the United States.

Bipartisan support for Ukraine is provided, it corresponds level of public opinion support in the United States. It is no coincidence that the bicameral US Congress has always promptly responded to projects of assistance to Ukraine . This support will be given that the executive power is in the hands of the Democrats, the expert is convinced.

According to him, the Republican Party does have a split over continuing to provide support for Ukraine, but it is only “20 – 25 percent of” Trumpists “.

“Ukraine and its diaspora should follow the US elections very closely. It is not necessary to write off everything only on politicians. This is a problem of civil society, media and Ukrainian diplomacy. We must actively work with the political establishment and public opinion in the United States“, Yunus stressed. .

Ukraine and the United States are “linked”

The specialist added that both President Joe Biden and ex-presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump are all they used Ukraine for their internal political contradictions .

They weren't preparing for this war, but were engaged in a “reset” of relations with Russia. Today, Biden has the opportunity to correct those mistakes. At first he did not act like that, but now he and his administration 70 to 75 percent are moving in the right direction . – said the observer.

In his opinion, there were no terrifying decisions of the authorities against Ukraine for all 8 months of the war in the United States .

“Now systemic support for Kyiv continues. I think that the connection that links the United States and Ukraine today guarantees that Ukraine's defeat will be a defeat for the United States. Accordingly, a victory for Ukraine will be a victory for the United States. < strong>Countries are “in a bundle” like climbers climb a mountain: if one falls off, it will pull the other along,” the analyst concluded.

US aid to Ukraine: what is known

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  • Since the start of the full-scale invasion, the United States has transferred a lot of weapons to Ukraine.A group of members of Congress initiated the provision of modern types of equipment to our state, in particular, the MQ-1C Gray Eagle or MQ-9A Reaper drones.
  • In addition, attack drones will be produced in the United States specifically for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, namely, Switchblade 600 kamikaze drones. The Pentagon has already signed a contract for more than $ 2 million.
  • On September 16, the United States announced additional assistance to our to the state at a cost of up to $600 million. It is aimed at meeting critical security and defense needs.
  • In late September, the US Senate approved a bill including $12.4 billion in additional aid to Ukraine.
  • On October 1, the U.S. Lend-Lease Act for Ukraine went into effect. Ukraine will get the necessary weapons sooner, and there will be many times more of them.
  • Recently, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that he expects difficulties in providing additional assistance to Ukraine if his party wins a majority in the lower house of Congress . This is the result of the midterm elections predicted by the current polls.
  • In response, the head of the Servant of the People party, David Arakhamia, noted that he was surprised by this statement. He added that he met with McCarthy during a recent visit to Washington and was convinced that US support for Kyiv would continue.
  • At the same time, the US State Department assured that military and financial support for Ukraine would continue – regardless on what will be the results of the elections to the US parliament.
  • The US has also started talking about a new large financial aid package for Ukraine in the amount of $50 billion. This amount should have been enough for the whole next year.
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