A huge winery, 1,500 years old, discovered in Israel

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A huge winery, 1,500 years old, discovered in Israel

A huge winery, 1,500 years old, discovered in Israel

Archaeologists have discovered in the Israeli city of Yavne a large-scale industrial complex of the Byzantine period, which produced up to two million liters of wine a year. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Israel Antiquities Department.

“A huge industrial complex, 1,500 years old, was discovered during archaeological excavations carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority as part of the development of the city of Yavne,” the ministry said.

The discovered complex was built using the advanced technologies of that time and includes five magnificent wine presses with an area of 225 square meters each, warehouses for aging and marketing wine, ovens for burning clay amphorae, where wine was stored, tens of thousands of fragments and whole clay amphorae – jugs. At the same time, the access between all premises of the enterprise was well planned

“We were surprised to find here a sophisticated factory for the production of wine in industrial quantities. In addition, the decorative shell-shaped niches that adorned the wine presses indicate the wealth of the factory owners. The calculation of the production capacity of these wine presses shows that about two million liters of wine were sold annually, despite the fact that at the time, as we remember, the entire process was carried out by hand, ”said excavation leaders Dr. Eli Haddad, Liat Nadav-Ziv and Dr. Yon Seligman.

The find testifies to the fact that the city of Yavne was already one of the centers of world wine making 1500 years ago. Historians are sure that this is the center of production of the famous brand “wine of Gaza and Ashkelon”. This name was obtained because of the ports through which the drink was delivered to other regions. In addition, during the excavations, more ancient wine presses were discovered, which were built more than 2,300 years ago, which indicates the continuity of the wine-making tradition.

The authorities of the city of Yavne are planning to build an archaeological park on the site of the ancient winery, which will be accessible to tourists.

In ancient times, wine was a popular product. Due to the poor quality and taste of drinking water, it was drunk not only by adults, but also by children.

Earlier it became known that in Armenia they are creating a register and passports of vineyards, as well as filming each plot with the help of drones.

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