A large rally gathered under the office of Scholz due to the delay in the supply of tanks to Ukraine (video)

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A large rally gathered near Scholz's office due to delays in the supply of tanks to Ukraine (video)

The protesters call for "liberate the Leopards".< /strong>

Under the building of the office of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin on January 20, hundreds of people gathered for a rally against the delay of the German government in the supply of Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

The network has received relevant footage from the scene.

Many participants of the rally are wrapped in Ukrainian national flags and shout out calls for sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine. In particular, people shout out: “Free the Leopards now!” (Free the Leopards now!)

Recall that on January 20, a regular meeting on military assistance for Ukraine was held in Ramstein, Germany, at which the participants did not decide on the supply of modern German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine. It was tanks that were the most anticipated component of the new aid package for Ukraine.

After that, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that Germany was ready to speed up the transfer of the Leopard, but subject to appropriate agreements with the allies.

How Earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Pavel Yablonsky said that Germany's resistance to providing Ukraine with weapons is a consequence of Russia's long-term influence on political and business circles in Germany. According to the diplomat, this sympathy was “created on Russian money”.

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