A little buckwheat and one sausage: British soldiers were surprised by the meager menu in the canteen of Ukraine

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A little buckwheat and one sausage: British soldiers were surprised by the meager menu in the canteen of Ukraine

The second day of the large-scale exercises Sea Breeze 2021 attracted attention not by sea maneuvers, but by internal cuisine – and in the literal sense. The British military could not resist and demonstrated a meager, in their opinion, menu in the canteen of Ukraine: a little buckwheat porridge, two slices of tomato, a cucumber, one sausage and no sauces. One of the British paratroopers wrote about this on the social network. He also noted that it is not the first day they have been served compote there.

Users only expressed sympathy for this and wished him bon appetit. Obviously, Ukraine was not ready to receive such a number of guests – at least 5 thousand people from NATO countries and their allies were involved in these exercises, reports Ren.tv.

Until July 10, they intend to practice various maneuvers – for this purpose, 32 ships and 40 liners arrived in the water area.

SBU General said NATO will not help Ukraine in case of war with Russia

Recall that in the Black Sea, near the borders of Russia, the international naval exercises Sea Breeze – 2021 started on the eve of the NATO states, as well as Ukraine and Moldova. The Russian Foreign Ministry described these maneuvers as a provocation.

In general, 30 states became participants in the exercises, about 5 thousand servicemen will be involved in the maneuvers. On Ukrainian television, specially invited experts make statements that the very fact of such large exercises is a sign that Ukraine will most likely be invited to NATO.

“The advantages are cooperation with NATO forces, we are going to NATO, so we have to establish communication,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk said in an interview with local television.

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