A lot of fakes come, in particular from Ukraine, – “Belarusian Gayun” about obstacles in work


A lot of fakes come, in particular from Ukraine, -

“Belarusian Gayun” spoke about obstacles in work/Collage of 24 channels

The Belarusian Gayun telegram channel monitors military activity in Belarus. Despite everything, people often offer to publish various fakes. Some of them come from Ukraine.

Anton Motolko, a Belarusian activist and head of the Belarusian Gayun telegram channel, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, now, in addition to the real war, an active information struggle continues. Therefore, a lot of fakes appear on the network.

There's also an information war going on

From the very beginning of the full-blown invasion, people have often suggested publishing false information on the channel. Some fakes came from Ukraine. Motolko notes that they did not even refute certain data. Because they understood that information works specifically for a certain group of people.

“Many fakes come from Ukraine. Unfortunately, here we cannot say whether this is work in the context of the information war. Now there is also a war of smartphones and information. We do not refute some information, realizing that it works for a specific audience and performs certain tasks,” noted Anton Motolko.

However, “Gayun” necessarily refutes false fakes that devalue the actions of Belarusians or lead to false conclusions. Motolko notes – wants both Belarusians and Ukrainians to trust the telegram channel.

By the way, it is here that the time and place of takeoff of Russian planes launching missiles in Ukraine are regularly published. Motolko specifically does not talk about the methods of collecting information so as not to help both the Belarusian and Russian special services.

Recall that Anton Motolko spoke about the threat to the Belarusians. He predicted what would happen if Lukashenka risked a full-fledged attack on Ukraine. Then the Belarusian army will have terrible problems. They have 3 extremely unfortunate options for how it could end.

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