A man on a Tesla delivered bread and not only: a migrant told the stories of volunteers in Kharkov


A man in a Tesla delivered bread and more: a migrant told the stories of volunteers in Kharkiv< /p>

During the war, everyone is trying to rally and help the Ukrainian army, whose needs are constantly increasing. In particular, there are a lot of volunteers in Kharkiv as well.

Courageous stories of volunteers in Kharkiv

Each of the stories is distinguished by its own courage and features. The migrant Vladislav Lyubchenko told about this within the framework of the SVOI project to journalists on Channel 24.

Vladislav is a volunteer himself and says that they helped at the most critical moments when people had nothing to eat, when they couldn't buy something in stores, because nothing worked, or there were no products.

Yes, during the war, people are ready to help everyone – someone gives all the products they have, others – to use transport for humanitarian aid. So, the migrant said that they were provided with a GAZelle, which they still drive and do not even know who its owner is. there are batteries, but no one calls to take it away.

A man was delivering bread in a Tesla

Vladislav also said that among the volunteers there is a man who came in a Tesla to pick up and deliver bread.

I say: “I have elderly people on Saltovka, 8th floor, they are shooting at their house now. Can you bring food? They have been without food for 4 days.” And he calls: “To keep you healthy all your life, there is no more elevator in the house.” And there – the 8th floor, 2 heavy boxes of food, and an 80-year-old grandfather, reclining. But the food was delivered to him,” the volunteer says.

The man who was hit by the ball

There was another boy to whom they once gave packages and he went to Saltovka. During the trip, contact with him disappeared. When he arrived at the hub, he said that “something got him there.”

The guys immediately ran to look, and a bullet hit him through the windshield, phone, head and trunk. Just got out of the trunk. While he stood, he thought what to do, who shot at his car. He dropped the product and left. And then he says: “Give me a new phone, a bulletproof vest, and I will go further.” And he still travels.

In conclusion, the migrant from Kharkov noted that he began to volunteer, because only then do you understand that you can help. Everything will end and then we will return to life.

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