A man with a brain implant challenges a chip monkey Elon Musk

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A man with a brain implant challenges a chip monkey Elon Musk

Earlier, the Neuralink company, founded by Elon Musk, showed a monkey with a chip in its brain, which could play a video game with the power of thought. Now the man with the brain implant has challenged the animal in the Pong game.

Nathan Copeland watched the Neuralink video with a monkey and was immediately interested in it. He wondered if he could defeat the animal in the game.

Copeland was paralyzed after a car accident, but retained limited mobility in his shoulders and arms. The man had a brain implant last year, which helps him play games, in particular in Sonic the Hedgehog.

It is reported that Nathan has already started preparing for the competition. It is worth noting that this could be the first time a monkey and a human have engaged in such a brain battle. The competition could be streamed to millions of users via YouTube or Twitch.

It is not yet clear if the battle will take place in reality.

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