A man with a knife attacked a kindergarten in China

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A man with a knife attacked a kindergarten in China

In the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of the PRC, an unknown person staged an attack on a kindergarten. As reported by the portal Pengpai, 18 people were injured.

The man attacked children and educators with a knife. Two children were seriously injured. The police arrived at the scene and the attacker was detained. The victims were hospitalized. The investigation finds out the motives of the attack and the details of the emergency.

Previously, Rambler wrote about a fight in Buryatia. There, according to the investigation, two suspects came to visit a fellow villager, where the company began to drink alcohol. During the feast, the owner complained to the guests about a neighbor with whom he had a conflict.

Drunken young people, together with the owner's minor son, went to the pensioner for a showdown. They broke into his house, took him outside and began to beat him. Then they cut off his ear. The suspects left the beaten pensioner in the yard and returned to his neighbor, where they continued to drink alcohol.

In the morning, the teenager took a can of gasoline and again went to the beaten neighbor. By that time, the pensioner had crawled to the bed and lay on it. The teenager spilled fuel on the floor, set it on fire and disappeared.

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