A matter of time – the expert is sure that the next Russian authorities will pay reparations to Ukraine


A matter of time - the expert is sure that the next Russian authorities will pay reparations to Ukraine

Prime Minister Denys Shmihal said that Russia has already caused Ukraine damage of more than 700 billion and the figure is growing every day. Ukraine can compensate part of the losses from the frozen Russian assets.

Valery Klochok, a political expert and head of the Tower public analytics center, spoke about this for Channel 24 .

“The fact is that we are talking about frozen money that cannot be disposed of. Another thing is when it will be confiscated and it will not belong to the Russians. For this, a legal procedure should take place. If it is easier with the country, then what to do with the oligarchs in Europe. It should be a court decision on confiscation, if this person is involved in the aggression against Ukraine. This must be proven in court,” Klochok said.

Ukraine will create a mechanism to receive reparations

The expert noted that the issue of reparations will not be resolved quickly. He remembered the court in The Hague concerning the downing of the Malaysian Boeing and lasted almost 8 years. Klochok urged Ukrainians to realize that the process will not take place in one day, but it should be launched.

“If we are talking about the fact that over the next 5-6 years we will be able to receive the frozen assets that are now in the European Union, then it is absolutely normal to say that for the next 20 years we can receive compensation from Russia for the damage caused,” Klochok said.

In his opinion, Putin will not sign the surrender and agree to reparations. The next authorities can do this to start restoring Russia's reputation on the world stage.

I am more than convinced that sooner or later this will happen. It is the matter of time. The next government will sign this, and then the question of agreements, how quickly we will be able to establish or withdraw this money for the development of Ukraine. The mechanism will be written out on paper, but speaking hypothetically, it would be fair to take away the frozen money now,” Klochok said.

He stressed that it is very important not to humiliate the rules of international jurisdiction.

Russia finds it difficult to replenish resources

According to the expert, the sanctions policy against Russia is working. He called an important detail what Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar said about the increase in the number of Russian private military companies on the territory of Ukraine.

“You can pay money for killings in the form of private military companies that will be financed by someone. The problem is that when you wage war, you spend money and resources need to be replenished. Also, the mechanisms for entering the state budget of Russia are decreasing quantitatively and qualitatively from -for the sanctions policy. Therefore, this imbalance arises,” the political expert said.

Pay attention – Valery Klochok about reparations: watch the video

What threatens Russia refusal to pay reparations

Klochok suggested that the next authorities refuse to pay reparations to Ukraine. Therefore, in this situation, no one will lift the sanctions against Russia.

“The authorities will deal with the lifting of sanctions, so that it would be possible to receive money in the budget and meet the needs of the Russian population,” the expert added.

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