A military expert assessed the power of the Stryker armored personnel carrier and suggested how the Armed Forces of Ukraine would use them


A military expert assessed the power of the Stryker armored personnel carrier and suggested how the Armed Forces would use them

As part of the new US military aid package, Ukraine will receive 90 Stryker armored personnel carriers. This chassis is based on the rather well-known LAV-25 armored personnel carrier, created specifically for the United States.

This armored personnel carrier is a really good military vehicle. About thisChannel 24military expert, chief editor of Defense Express Oleg Katkov said.

Stryker is a multifunctional armored personnel carrier

Thus, in the United States they even created a brigade that has armed exclusively with the Stryker armored personnel carrier, but in different modifications. We are talking about the following versions of armored vehicles:

  • an armored personnel carrier, where only a machine gun is armed;
  • a module with a 33-millimeter cannon can be installed on the Stryker;
  • or a combat module with a 105 mm cannon. Thus, this vehicle turns into a light wheeled tank;
  • there is an option with the deployment of air defense equipment on this vehicle;
  • installation of mortars, etc.
In addition, the Stryker armored personnel carriers are very mobile. If necessary, they can travel hundreds of kilometers, engage in battle and cover a considerable distance again.

Katkov spoke about the advantages of the Stryker armored personnel carrier: watch the video

How Ukraine can use armored personnel carriers

Our state has several options on how to use an armored personnel carrier in the ranks of the Armed Forces. First, we can replicate the experience of the United States and use the Stryker in a similar brigade format.

Another option is when we integrate them into the weapons system that we have. That is, to replace Stryker vehicles such as the BTR-80, BTR-70 or BTR-60, which are still in service and are quite actively used, – said the military expert.

According to him, the choice of method of application armored personnel carriers for Ukrainian defenders who understand what is best for our state. So, the format of the Stryker brigade is well suited specifically to the United States and its conditions of combat and use, but our situation may differ.

Moreover, we may have our understanding of how to use wheeled armored personnel carriers correctly.

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What other weapons will Ukraine get

On January 19, the United States announced a new $2.5 billion military aid package for our state. It provides for the provision of the following weapons to Ukraine:

  • additional ammunition for NASAMS advanced anti-aircraft missile systems;
  • 8 Avenger air defense systems;
  • 59 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles with 590 TOW anti-tank missiles and 295,000 25mm rounds;
  • 53 mine-resistant MRAP ambush vehicles;
  • 350 ​​HMMWV multipurpose wheeled high mobility vehicles;< /li>
  • 20,000 155mm artillery shells;
  • approximately 600 precision-guided 155mm artillery shells;
  • 95,000 105mm artillery shells;
  • < li>approximately 11,800 120mm mortar shells;

  • additional ammunition for HIMARS high mobility rocket and artillery systems;
  • 12 ammunition maintenance vehicles;
  • 6 command -command vehicles;
  • 22 tactical vehicles for towing weapons;
  • Harms high-speed missiles;
  • approximately 2,000 anti-tank missiles;
  • more 3,000,000 small arms ammunition;
  • explosives to clear obstacles;
  • anti-personnel ammunition s Claymore;
  • night vision devices;
  • parts and other field equipment.

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