A mysterious spot was discovered on the surface of Lake Baikal

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A mysterious spot was discovered on the surface of Lake Baikal

A mysterious spot was found on the surface of Lake Baikal According to one of the versions, a film on the water surface could have formed due to fires in Yakutia.

Fragments of a black oily film were found on the surface of Lake Baikal. Tourists claim that it can be seen in different parts of the reservoir from Khuzhir to Khoboy. Eyewitnesses said that the consistency of the mysterious substance is similar to chewing gum, it smells of chemistry and fumes.

The Limnological Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences examined water samples near Olkhon Island and found traces of paint and varnish products there. Scientists suggest that the pollution occurred in the Maloye More area near the village of Khuzhir for about 22 kilometers.

However, the environmental prosecutor's office puts forward a different version, writes LIFE. They believe that the spots on the lake appeared due to the settled ash. On the territory of the Olkhonsky district, smoke has been observed for the last two weeks due to fires in the north of the region and in Yakutia, the department said, referring to the conclusions of the scientists of the National Park “Zapovednoe Pribaikalye”.

Earlier, the leader of the Little Big group Ilya Prusikin joked about the quality of water in Lake Baikal. He showed subscribers a video in which the water in the lake is yellow. The locals explained to the artist that it was pollen washed ashore. And the former mayor of Irkutsk even filmed a video parody of the musician, in which he advised him “not to powder his brain.”

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