A neural network has been developed in Russia to search for people from above

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Russia has developed a neural network to search for people from a height

The developers of Kaspersky Lab have created a new neural network that will facilitate the process of finding missing people – Kaspersky Neural Networks (KNN).

It is reported that thanks to the new neural network, people can be searched from above. It is noted that KNN was developed for the purpose of analyzing images from drones. So, with the help of the development, it will be possible to identify the scale of disasters, for example, floods, forest fires and others.

In addition to this task, KNN can also be used to search for people from the air – from a height of up to 150 meters. Moreover, the peculiarity of this neural network is that it can detect a person from just one part of the body. In addition, information from it is sent immediately by the operator.

We do not waste time flying around a given route as a whole, returning to the base, unloading images, and then processing them by a neural network. By skipping these steps, we save time , ”said Vladimir Kleshnin, head of Kaspersky Neural Networks.

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