A new fairy tale for Russians: they want to hold a “victory parade” in Ukraine on May 9


A new fairy tale for Russians: they want to hold a

SBU intercepted another telephone conversation of the occupier/Illustrative photo Did not work out. Now the Kremlin has come up with a new date for the “victory” for the domestic market – May 9.

The fact that Russia is allegedly going to hold the current “victory parade” in Ukraine, said the interlocutor of one of the occupiers. The conversation was intercepted by the SBU.

There is no parade for Russia

Even the invaders themselves are laughing at Russia's new lies about the “date of victory”. The occupier, who is now with his unit in the Zhytomyr region, no longer believes in the victorious end of the war for his country.

According to the Russian non-warrior, now he has only one dream – to return home. After all, before getting to Ukraine, he thought that the occupation of our state would be an easy walk for him. Of course, this did not happen – the Ukrainians had to meet determined resistance.

When we drove in, cars were blown up everywhere, all cities were fucking destroyed. Our civilians are fucked from all sides,” the invader said.

By the way, the invader added that many Russian military men could not withstand the resistance of Ukrainians and were looking for reasons to return home. Recently, in particular, his foreman fled to Russia.

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