A new massive blow to Russia: the Pentagon assessed the threats


Russian Massive New Strike: Pentagon Assesses Threats

The US has yet to see any signs that Russia is preparing its aircraft for a massive attack against Ukraine. However, the aggressor country certainly has such an opportunity.

This was stated by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. He emphasized that the States and partners should do everything to ensure that Ukraine received more air defense capabilities.

Austin noted that the United States sees no signs that Russia is preparing for a new massive air attack, but the Russian Federation has a significant amount aircraft in service and many more options.

That's why we stressed that we need to do everything possible to ensure that Ukraine gets as much air defense as possible, he said.< /p>

Meanwhile, the head of the joint coordinating press center of the Southern Defense Forces, Captain First Rank Natalya Gumenyuk, stated that the enemy did not give up massive attacks. According to Gumenyuk, the Russians continue to keep two submarine missile carriers equipped with up to 8 missiles.

“This suggests that the enemy has not abandoned missile attacks. They can be involved in a massive or combined missile attack, as well as and to pinpoint strikes,” said the head of the joint coordination press center of the Southern Defense Forces.

She added that launches from submarines are difficult to detect. Yes, the Russians can terrorize the local population with the threat of these strikes.

Massive rocket attack on February 10: what is known

  • The last massive enemy missile strike occurred on February 10th. The invaders carried out air and missile attacks using strategic aircraft (TU-95) from the waters of the Caspian Sea and Volgodonsk and carriers of cruise missiles in the Black Sea.
  • The forces and means of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other components of the Defense Forces destroyed 61 enemy cruise missiles out of 71 launched and 5 drones.
  • In the Lviv region, in the Zolochiv district, not far from the village of Kozlov, a rocket of infidels fell at a bus stop. It did not explode.
  • The enemy hit several high-voltage infrastructure facilities in the Eastern and Western, Southern regions. However, the situation there is now under control. Power engineers do everything to ensure that there is light in every Ukrainian home.

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