A new species of animal with signs of both a spider and a cuttlefish has been discovered

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A new species of animal with signs of both a spider and a cuttlefish has been discovered

The network has information about a fresh discovery of archaeologists from the UK.

They managed to find the remains of a new species in the layers of shale rock. At the same time, the ancient predator does not have any descendants in the modern world, according to the website of the Geological Society of America.

Designing a 3D model of a predator helped to study the behavior of an ancient animal. So, according to experts, the creature was the first waterfowl predator on the planet. It appeared around the time of the Cambrian period.

An unusual animal has different body parts that resemble body parts of other representatives of the animal kingdom. It managed to fit in itself both the signs of a spider and a cuttlefish. In appearance, it resembles a very large shrimp, about half a meter in size.

Experts have also reproduced the hunting method of the ancient predator. Thus, a huge shrimp used its forelimbs to capture prey.

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