A partisan movement operates in Crimea: they collect data on the movement of Russian equipment


A partisan movement is active in Crimea: they collect data on the movement of Russian equipment

A partisan movement is active in the occupied Crimea/Channel 24 collage/Illustrative photo

In the temporarily occupied Crimea, the work of a self-organized partisan movement was recorded. Activists spread the truth about the war in Ukraine among local residents.

The corresponding guerrilla movement on the peninsula collects information on the movement of Russian troops and equipment. At the same time, partisans are also “paying attention” to the Russian military participating in the war on the territory of mainland Ukraine.

Occupiers are reminded that Crimea is Ukraine

Activists attach so-called warnings to the door and cars of the Russian military who are fighting against Ukraine, reminding them that Crimea is Ukraine. Relatives of the Russian invaders will not escape such warnings.

According to the Representation of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the movement of enemy military equipment and manpower continues on the peninsula.

However, “instant punishment” continues to catch up with the invaders and even their weapons. So, on May 18, on the road near the village of Ishun, on the way to Krasnoperekopsk, a convoy of Russian military equipment overturned.

Important!The topic of the occupation of Crimea did not disappear from the information space for a day. Until February 24, Ukraine tried diplomatically to force Russia to leave the peninsula, but the situation has changed. Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that after the victory on other fronts, Ukraine intends to oust Russian troops from all its territories.

  • The Russian army has already suffered catastrophic losses in the war against Ukraine. As early as May 17, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that enemy units were sent to the Crimea to restore combat capability. At the same time, the Russian invaders built up air defense systems on the peninsula.
  • In addition, the media found out that Russia had withdrawn almost all ships with cruise missiles from occupied Sevastopol to the Black Sea.
  • < li> Detentions continue on the Crimean peninsula. This time they set to work on the artist from Evpatoria, Bohdan Zizu, who poured yellow and blue paint on the building of the occupying “power”. After being detained by the invaders on May 16, Zizou disappeared altogether. The activist's whereabouts are still unknown.

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