A plane with two hundred German tourists crashed into the Canary Islands: what happened

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 A plane carrying two hundred German tourists crash-landed in the Canaries: what happened

Just 34 minutes after takeoff, the plane landed safely at the airport of a neighboring island.

An aircraft of the German airline Condor made an emergency landing in the Canary Islands due to engine malfunction. The plane was heading to Hamburg, but the flight failed.

This was reported by the Bild tabloid.

The 23-year-old Boeing 757 took off from Arrecife airport at 13:58. Within a few seconds after that, loud sounds similar to gunshots were heard from the plane. Eyewitnesses on the ground noticed sparks falling from the engine.

After that, the captain of the flying ship immediately declared an emergency and decided to fly to the nearest airport on the neighboring island of Fuerteventura. There, the airport gave the aircraft absolute priority for an emergency landing due to the declared air emergency.

The aircraft carried 209 passengers, two pilots and six flight attendants. Everyone was immediately notified of the emergency landing.

Already at 14:32, just 34 minutes after takeoff, the plane landed safely at Fuerteventura airport. No one was injured as a result of the emergency landing. The passengers were accommodated in hotels, all of them were promised to be sent home on a plane, which will arrive on shift from Frankfurt.

While the cause of the breakdown is being investigated. Technicians believe that a damaged compressor or a collision with birds could have caused such a situation.

As a reminder, the airport in Almaty, Kazakhstan, will not operate until at least Monday, January 10, after closing due to protests in the country .

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