A possible variant of the “deployment” of NATO bases in Ukraine is described

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Military expert Zhilin: NATO plans to imitate the deployment of its military bases in Ukraine

A possible variant of the

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NATO plans to imitate the deployment of its military complexes and bases in Ukraine, and Russia, in turn, will not demand something extraordinary from the West. Such a possible scenario for the development of events for the current year was described by military expert Alexander Zhilin in an interview with Ukraina.ru.

He stated that despite the fact that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg indicated that the organization had already decided to accept Ukraine and Georgia into its ranks, this does not mean serious steps and is only a “game on the nerves” of Moscow. He also stressed that the specific dates for the inclusion of these countries in NATO were deliberately not announced.

“We have repeatedly said that Ukraine is a resource for war with Russia. Therefore, I think that purely psychological pressure will be exerted, but at least this year no one will receive anyone. But judging by intelligence signs, some complexes will be deployed, but in such a way that supposedly Ukraine, either through third countries or directly through loans, will purchase them and place them on its own behalf, ”said Zhilin.

He added that in this case it would be quite difficult for Russia to find fault with such actions, since Ukraine is an independent country, although in reality it is not. The expert called the current situation difficult, but not critical, noting that neither side wants military action, but at the same time everyone will try to play on the opponents' nerves.

Earlier, political science candidate Oleksiy Yakubin found an alternative solution for Ukraine, instead of its desperate attempts to join NATO. He suggested focusing not on becoming a part of the North Atlantic Alliance, in which the country is clearly unwilling to see at the present time, but on trying to become the main US ally outside the organization.

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