A powerful hurricane swept through Kursk in Russia: trees broke cars, hundreds of people without electricity


A powerful hurricane swept through Kursk in Russia: trees broke cars, hundreds of people without electricity

Consequences of the hurricane in Kursk

Natural disasters sweep over Russia over and over again. This time, Kursk was covered by a powerful hurricane, which broke trees and tore off roofs.

On Thursday evening, May 12, the elements covered the Russian city of Kursk. It began to rain in the city and a strong wind rose. And under his onslaught, trees began to fall. As well as metal structures. It was they who smashed the parked cars.

Trees fell on the road, blocking the roadway.

However, the hurricane did not stop on some trees. In one of the districts, the wind tore off the roof from the transformer substation. Consequently, part of the city was left without power supply, and the inhabitants of the city were left without communication.

Natural disasters in Russia and constant “pops”

After Russia decided to attack Ukraine, in Russia itself is in constant trouble. This is especially true of the regions bordering Ukraine – Belgorod, Kursk and Voronezh. It was there that the Russians gathered the most of their army to attack Ukraine. After their concentration in these areas, various troubles constantly occur there.

Most problems arise in the Belgorod region, from where the Russians send their invaders to Kharkov and Donbass. Residents of this region quite often hear “pops” in the air. So Russian propagandists decided to replace the word “explosions”, because it frightens “ordinary Russians”. So, in order not to increase tension in society (after all, nothing bad can happen in Russia), they decided to resort to such a step.

Sometimes such “pops” are the result of air defense activities. At least that's what they say in Russia. Although it is not known who and why is shelling the territory of Russia. The Russians are trying to blame Ukraine for everything. And they even show fragments of Ukrainian missiles or drones. Although the Ukrainian military has repeatedly reported before that that the Russian invaders are collecting downed drones in the Donbass, so that later their fragments can be used during staged shelling in Russia. This is done in order to blame Ukraine for this and to achieve even more support for the war against Ukraine among Russians. Ukraine denies any involvement in the shelling.

Sometimes such “claps” lead to more serious consequences, such as a fire at ammunition depots in the Belgorod region. Although oil depots and other military facilities are often on fire.

Although problems in Russia can occur without “pops”. For example, the railway bridge in the Kursk region, on which freight cars ran, also collapsed. It is by rail that the troops that are fighting against Ukraine are transferred across the territory of Russia.

But not only the regions bordering Ukraine suffer, but also distant Siberia and the Urals. Although the “Ukrainian trace” could not have been done here either. Russia was enveloped in massive forest fires that they cannot cope with. Dozens have already died. And in some regions, the fire destroyed entire streets and districts. But there is no one and nothing to fight with such a natural disaster. After all, Russia sent equipment to the war against Ukraine. That is why fires become so big.

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