A pregnant woman dies in Poland: she was not given a forced abortion because of the scandalous law

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 A pregnant woman died in Poland: she was not given a forced abortion because of the scandalous law

The family lawyer is convinced that the doctors were just waiting for the fetus inside women will die on their own so as not to violate the law prohibiting abortion.

A pregnant woman died in the Polish town of Pszczyna. She was hospitalized due to the disappearance of amniotic fluid. The family's lawyer accused the doctors of deliberate inaction in order to comply with the abortion ban.

The Budzowska law firm reported this on Facebook.

Isabella, 30, died at 22 weeks pregnant. The woman went to the hospital due to the disappearance of amniotic fluid. Doctors confirmed this, however, they did not have a forced abortion, even despite previously diagnosed congenital malformations of the fetus.

The woman died in less than a day. The official cause of death is septic shock. It is reported that Isabella has a husband and daughter.

This incident took place on September 22, but the story has only gained publicity now. AR writes that the case sparked protests in Warsaw, Krakow and elsewhere on Monday 1 November. People lit candles in memory of mother and child.

It is believed that doctors refused to have a forced abortion because of the ban in force since January this year. However, the doctors themselves exclude these assumptions and emphasize that “all medical decisions were made taking into account the legislative provisions and standards of conduct in force in Poland.”

“The only factor that guided the medical procedure was concern for health and life the patient and the child. Doctors and midwives did everything in their power, they fought for the life of the patient and her child, “says an obstetrician in Pszczyna in southern Poland.

The lawyer is convinced that doctors are actually just waited for the fetus inside the woman to die by itself, so as not to break the law and not have an abortion.

“They (doctors – Ed.) refrained from emptying the uterine cavity until the death of the fetus, which is due to the current regulations limiting the possibility of legal abortion, “- said the family's lawyer.

Let us remind you that on October 23 last year, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal recognized abortions illegal even when there is a threat to the child's life. This was explained by the fact that every person, even the unborn, has the right to live. Since then, Poland has seen numerous protests and massive clashes.

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