“A protracted war is beneficial for Putin”: will mobilization in Russia help the dictator


In the war with Ukraine, Russia uses the tactics of “throwing corpses”. However, mobilization is by no means the key.

Russian opposition politician Igor Yakovenko spoke about this on Channel 24. According to him, the Russians keep afloat for a number of reasons.

What's wrong with mobilization in Russia

Igor Yakovenko stressed that mobilization could help Russian President Vladimir Putin, but only partially. Even more reasons indicate that the increase in the number of mobilized will not do any good.

She will not help him change the situation at the front. I'm not saying that it's impossible to win the war this way,” he explained.

In his opinion, mobilization will only help by flooding corpses from the front. Thus, Putin will be able to hold out and conditionally maintain the front line.

Igor Yakovenko spoke about the importance of mobilization in Russia: watch the video

The Importance of Aid to Ukraine

The oppositionist noted that if Western partners provide the Ukrainian side with weapons quickly, it will testify to the good news.

“The war will end this year. That's what military experts say. And in general, common sense suggests,” he said.

Yakovenko said that in the event of a slowdown in the process of supplying equipment and weapons from the West, mobilization will play into the hands of the Russians. 2023,” he stressed.

Therefore, it is important that equipment be provided to Ukraine continuously.

Duration of the war

According to the oppositionist, Russia needs time.

A protracted war is beneficial for Putin, despite the fact that his resources cannot be compared with those of NATO,” he explained. . There is also the question of the number of weapons.

“The number of weapons that Putin and his gang can produce is quite large,” he said.

Besides, Russia can withstand this war in time.

“All the talk that Putin will not survive, the economy is in the red is, of course, complete nonsense,” he said.

According to him, Ukraine should definitely win this year , and for this you need to get the necessary weapons.

Mobilization in Russia: latest news

    < li role="presentation">Russia continues to mobilize for the war against Ukraine. As expected, Russian citizens are not averse to fighting, and therefore Russia coped with the mobilization of 300,000 quite quickly.
  • Ukrainian intelligence said that Russia wants to create a 2-million-strong army Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced large-scale “reforms” in the Russian army during 2023-2026 and said that the number of personnel will grow to 1.5 million people.
  • Experts at the Institute for the Study of War ISW assumed that Putin would announce full mobilization during the speech on January 18, but this did not happen. Putin just repeated his crazy ideas about the war against Ukraine.

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