A rare species of orchids found for the first time in 80 years in the forests of the Tula region

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TULA, June 11. / TASS /. More than 50 specimens of the rare for the Tula region orchid of the species Cephalanthera rubra (red pollen head) were found for the first time in 80 years in one of the forests of the region. This plant is listed in the Red Book of Russia, the press service of the regional government reported on Friday on the VKontakte page.

“In the Tula region, they found the rarest orchid Cephalanthera rubra, it is also a red pollen head, has not been found in our area for 80 years. The researchers reported that they found more than 50 plants at once in a small area of the forest,” the report says.

The press service noted that, according to the regional directorate of specially protected natural areas, this type of orchid is very picky about the composition of the soil and illumination, it can die with light frosts or stagnant water. The orchid blooms only in the 15th year of growth. “The species is listed in the Red Book and prohibited for collection or destruction throughout Russia,” the press service added.

Cephalanthera rubra is a perennial plant that grows up to 60 cm in height and can have four to eight large purple-pink flowers. Distributed in deciduous and mixed forests of Europe, mountains of North Africa, Minor and Central Asia. In the Tula region, the plant was previously found in the forests of the Efremovsky, Kurkinsky and Suvorovsky districts.

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