A real war broke out in the Kremlin for the status of Putin's new favorite


A real war broke out in the Kremlin over the status of Putin's new favorite

A war broke out between Russian generals Sergei Shoigu and Viktor Zolotov for the status of Putin's favorite. In particular, several facts testify to this.

If before all the attention of Putin and the media was attracted by Shoigu, reporting on the “successes” of the so-called “special operation”, now Viktor Zolotov decided to drag this blanket.

What before

The media reported on Viktor Zolotov's report on the “special operation”. He stated that the National Guard, which he leads, plays a key role in it. The Center for Counteracting Disinformation noted that the change of characters is very revealing, since before that, Sergei Shoigu was the only “victory general” in Putin's war.

Around the same time, information began to appear in the media about the removal of Shoigu from managing the war.

It is through these reports that it can be assumed that there is a conflict between Shoigu and Zolotov for the role of “leader of the war.”

< h3>A new round of the conflict will be the change of top leaders at the front

The CPI suggested that a new round of the conflict will be a change of top leadership, directly in charge of Russian troops on the battlefield.

And the change will not come as a surprise, because the incompetence of Kuzhugetovich, who does not even have an appropriate military education, is already legendary. What is the photo with an inverted map, which Shoigu is so carefully studying, – noted in the Center for Counteracting Disinformation.

Recall that recently British intelligence announced that Shoigu was allegedly removed from the military leadership. They say that even Russian officers and soldiers are ridiculed for his ineffective leadership of the Russian Minister of Defense.

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