A real winter has come to the Ukrainian South: a number of accidents occurred due to ice


A real winter has come to the Ukrainian South: a number of accidents have occurred due to ice

It seemed that there would be no real winter with snow and ice this year, however, certain areas in the South of our The state is still swept over at the end of January. However, along with admiring the winter weather, residents of these areas often get into accidents.

The Ukrhydrometcenter notes that the intensity of frost will decline. That is, it is not worth expecting that the thermometer marks will drop to -25 or even to -35 degrees Celsius. At the same time, in this articleChannel 24, read about where the most snow has fallen and a traffic accident has occurred recently.

Odessa and Nikolaev were covered with snow

Local telegram channels of Odesskaya and Nikolaevskaya publish videos showing the snow-covered cities of these regions. The shots are really charming and worth seeing.

In addition, it should be noted that all special equipment is working at full capacity, which ensures that roads and sidewalks are cleared of snow and that cars and pedestrians can move around with them.

According to 55 units of special equipment of the enterprise work in the city. Clearing is carried out in columns along the appropriate routes, the Odessa City Department said in a statement.

Residents of snow-covered cities are asked not to leave their homes unnecessarily, not to use vehicles unless absolutely necessary, and not to leave cars along the roads, as this may interfere with the operation of special equipment.

A flurry of accidents in the Odessa region: there are children among the victims

The Ukrainian Information Service spoke in more detail about traffic accidents that occurred due to sticking of wet snow and ice on the roads on January 28.

In the Artsyzsky district, on the Odessa-Reni highway. The passenger car ran into a ditch, as a result, the 63-year-old passenger received a closed craniocerebral injury, a hip fracture and a bruise of the spine and was hospitalized in a serious condition in the Tatarbunary Central District Hospital, the Ukrainian Information Service wrote.

In addition, they noted that the accident also occurred in the Belyaevsky district on the Belyaevka-Mayaki highway. Actually, because of the collision of two cars, 2 children were injured. They were hospitalized in the Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. At the same time, a 22-year-old man was injured.

A winter fairy tale against the backdrop of accidents: photos of Natalia Dovbysh from Odessa

Also, remember that on January 28 an accident near the village of Novoselovka of the Kiliya community in the Odessa region. A woman died as a result.

The 33-year-old driver of a passenger car, moving in the direction of Izmail, lost control and drove into a ditch. The driver was not injured, but the man's 63-year-old friend, who was in the passenger seat, was seriously injured. She died from them in the hospital, the Ukrainian Information Service stated.

It is known that an investigative team was working at the scene. Currently, law enforcement officers are establishing all the circumstances of the accident.

Accident near Novoselivka in the Odessa region/Photo by the Ukrainian Information Service

The highway between Odessa and Nikolaev is “like glass”

  • Local drivers in the south of Ukraine report that there is sleet on the main highways from Nikolaev. The road is very slippery and, most importantly, it is not strewn.
  • That is, we can state that the special equipment still cannot cope with a large amount of snow. It is known that for now the routes from Nikolaev to Kyiv, Odessa, Kropyvnytskyi are “like glass”, and it is better to refrain from traveling with them for a while.
  • We also recall on this topic that a bus overturned in Moldova due to bad weather that followed to Odessa. Note that there were 21 passengers in the cabin.

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