A resident of Cherkassy, ​​who offered the enemy to bomb her hometown, was jailed for 10 years


A resident of Cherkasy, who offered the enemy to bomb her hometown, was jailed for 10 years< /p>

The Pridneprovsky District Court passed a verdict in the case of Tatyana Drobot, who called on Russians to bomb Cherkassy. The woman was sentenced to 10 years behind bars.

In early April, Tatyana Drobot from Cherkasy was accused of high treason and encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The court considered the case for more than six months.

Called to bomb Cherkassy fortifications

According to the case file, in early March, a woman sent it to her sister, who lives in Russia , as well as to two of her friends photos of fortifications in the center of Cherkasy. Then she suggested that the Russians bomb them.

In addition, the woman disseminated information on the Odnoklassniki social network justifying the capture of Ukrainian cities. In particular, she showed off the Russian flag over Novaya Kakhovka.

Sentenced to 10 years behind bars

The court sentenced Drobot to form of imprisonment for 10 years. The woman pleaded guilty to the crimes she was charged with and sincerely repented, which was taken into account when determining the punishment.

The minimum sentence for treason charged against the woman is 15 years in prison, but the lower limit was revised, taking into account repentance and extenuating circumstances.

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