A resident of Pokrovsk, through VKontakte, transmitted data to the invaders about the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Resident Pokrovsk through

A resident of Pokrovsk transmitted data to the invaders/Collage of Channel 24

A resident of Pokrovsk was caught treason. It turned out that he was transmitting data to the Russian occupiers through a popular Russian social network.

In particular, he transmitted data about the armed forces of Ukraine. Therefore, a preventive measure in the form of detention with the possibility of bail was applied to him.

What is known about the collaborator

According to the investigation, in April 2022, a resident of Pokrovsk voluntarily collaborated with the occupying army of Russia .

He transmitted messages with information about the locations of military personnel and military equipment of the armed forces of Ukraine in certain areas of the territory of the Donetsk region, the Prosecutor General's Office noted.

Therefore, the Russians could use this data during the war against Ukraine. While the investigation continues.

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