A resident of the Rivne region gave birth to the 18th child


A resident of the Rivne region gave birth to her 18th child

43-year-old Maria Gubenya gave birth to her 18th child in Rivne. A healthy girl was born.

This is the sixth girl in the family. The couple has 12 more boys. The eldest daughter is 24 years old.

What is known about the unique case in the Rivne region

A woman in our medical facility gave birth to the 18th child. The birth took place on February 07, 2023. The weight of the girl is 3 kilograms 300 grams, height is 55 centimeters, – noted in the perinatal center.

In the Rivne region, a woman gave birth to her 18th child/Photo by the Rivne Regional Perinatal Center

In a comment to ZAXID.NET, the head physician of the perinatal center, Victoria Enikeeva, noted that the woman in labor was born in 1979. She lives with her family in Sarny. According to the medical staff:

  • delivery took place by surgery;
  • the newborn baby is doing well;
  • the girl was born full-term.
Victoria Enikeeva also told Radio Track “that the woman was sent to give birth to them due to certain complications.

The eldest child in the family is 24 years old/Photo of the Rivne Regional Perinatal Center

In a commentary to Rivne 1 TV channel, 43-year-old Maria Gubenya said that she was happy that the 18th girl had already been born. After all, the woman was worried that the birth would go well during the war.

We love children and did not plan how many we would have. As much as God gives, so much we have. We are happy with everyone, we accept everyone as from God, – the woman said.

Maria says that they could not wait for the birth of the baby. The girl will be named Magdalene. The name of the newborn was chosen by the mother. He says, after all, that before that the father called the baby.

According to the deputy chief physician of the Rivne Perinatal Center, Stepan Lichner, before that, the woman gave birth a year ago. Both times Mary had a caesarean section. According to the doctor, the woman is not averse to giving birth to up to 20 children.

Maria Gubenya herself is happy that the girl was born. He says that they will continue to be at home with their children.

A similar case in the Rivne region

  • In 2019, 45-year-old Svetlana Kovalevich from the village of Glinnoye, Rakitnovsky district, Rivne region, gave birth to a 19- th child.
  • Then the couple had a healthy boy weighing 3 kilograms 930 grams and 62 centimeters tall. They named him Nazar.
  • In the Rakitnovskaya central district hospital, they said that the husband was present at the birth of his wife, stood at the window all the time and prayed. When the baby was born, he cried. The couple already have grandchildren.

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